Arcana Six

Arcana Six is a coming-of-age lesbian-themed romance that focuses on the changing nature of the relationship between two childhood best friends, Maggie and Elena, as they reflect on their history and recall their earliest memories of each other through fresh eyes after a seismic shift in the dynamic of their friendship. 

After a pivotal romantic encounter at the end of their senior year, the two girls begin to understand the meaning of their relationship and the impending future of it that hangs in the balance. The film was written and directed by Mackenzie Patrick Flynn. Elena and Maggie are portrayed by Eleanore Miechkowski and Jamila Gray.


Unaligned is a short film written and directed by Marko Grujic. The work is shared for free on his YouTube channel. Here is the official synopsis: A romance ignites when Christy, 20 year old college student is reunited with her childhood care taker. 

The film explores the impact of this rapprochement on the protagonists’ lives, and the weight of memory on their relationship. The “pas de deux” of Christy and Kate is used as an allegory of the role that hazard can play on destiny. Christy and Kate are portrayed by the actresses Hollie Shay and Tammie Bergholdt.

To my future girlfriend

Marina Lin is a Canadian social media star who is famous for her self-titled YouTube channel. She has earned massive popularity there for her original vocal and acoustic guitar covers of popular singles. She began regularly publishing her work to the platform in January 2015. 

Marina was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and moved to Toronto, Canada when she was 13. To my future girlfriend is a cute lesbian-themed short film she made in collaboration with Jacky P.A. Tran and her friend Keara Graves. You can follow Marina Lin on YouTube if you liked this movie.