Lesbian webseries 2016

Full Out

Full Out is an orginal series in five episodes written by Julie Keck and directed by Jessica King.  Weareopen is a beta plateform, a futur project for independant arts and artists. This title reveals the intimacy of Claire, a former ballerina who’s trying to recover from a disastrous injury while fighting for her professional career. 

Anxious to throw her last chance away, she make her best efforts to join the Chicago dance world and finally regain her glory. Young and motivated, Claire will commit herself further to her passion and begin to explore new aspects of her sexuality. Full Out is a touching drama series addressing the subject of repressed homosexuality in a clever way. The show is featuring Kaitlyn Alexander, Nana Visitor, Kaitlin Webster and Jess Duffy. 

Dagger Kiss

Dager Kiss is a medieval fantasy series written by the creator of Girl/Girl Scene. It is a lesbian webseries produced and distributed by Tellofilms. Dagger Kiss features a culturally diverse and sulphurous cast starring Stoya, Tucky Williams, and Amanda K. Morales. You can find more info about this flick on the official website. The show is described as a magical series with two lead female characters who are explicitly lovers. Rendez-vous on Tellofilms.

Her Story

Her Story is a six episode internet series directed by Sydney Freeland. The story follows the dating lives of trans & queer women as they travel between desires and identity. The show is focused on two transwomen living in Los Angeles. As their dating life is quite disastrous, they both gave up on serious relationships, until newcomers give them hope.

Violet falls in love with Allie, a female journalist who came to her for an interview about her lifestyle, while career-driven Paige is obesessed with James, the first man who genuinely catched her eyes since years.

UnREAL: The Faith Diaries

The Faith Diaries follows Faith and her longtime best friend/love interest Amy (Malea Mitchell) as they relocate to LA for Faith’s newfound career as the face of Silver Spur Jeans. If you haven’t watched UnReal, you can still follow Faith and Amy’s journey in all-new two-to-three minute episodes.

For some background, Faith was a contestant on Everlasting, a Bachelor-esque dating competition show where she vied for the heart of Adam Cromwell, a British womanizer. And while she didn’t do so poorly on the show within a show, Faith did reveal that she was more interested in her longtime friend, Amy, on a visit home to Mississippi.

Boxed In

Boxed In takes every stereotypes actually in force in our generation and derides them with tact. The story revolves around a young account executive who works for a box production company. She must deal with her unruly staff, doomed relationships and nosy mother.

Haunted or Hoax (Season 1)

Haunted or Hoax is a suggestive, mysterious and comical LGBT webseries produced by Tru Dot Productions in collaboration with Indigo Sev7n. The first season premiered Friday 27th May 2016 on Youtube . The story is about Casey and Jac, which are the administrators of a popular web portal called Haunted or Hoax

Together, they visit some of the most terrifying and creepy locations in an effort to determine if the legends they have heard are true. First place on their list is the old Victorian masterpiece known as Grantham House, a huge mansion which belongs to a young and discreet owner. Lets find out what is going on behind the walls. The cast of the show is composed by Natasha Negovanlis (Ellia), Sydney Kondruss (Jac) and Isabel Kanaan (Casey). All the episodes are uploaded on Haunted or Hoax channel in case you would like to be notified when a new one is coming out.

It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated is a webseries telling the story of Skye, a girl who has always considered herself straight, until she slept with her coworker named Alex. Off color media is releasing one episode of the series per week, in which we follow the evolution of a budding romance between someone who clearly know what she wants and a real newbie who question herself with anxiety.

Skye and Alex are portrayed by Devin Drain and Samantha Gabrielsen. You can find their instagram and twitter under the third episode if you feel like gossiping. The playlist we are featuring here will be automatically updated when a new video is uploaded by O.C.M on their channel, but you can also directly subcribe to them on youtube.

Inhuman Condition

Inhuman Condition is a supernatural web series writtend by RJ Lackie and released on KindaTV. The story reveals hidden lifes of werewolves, “walkers” and self-hatred people alienated by a supernatural afflictions as they try to blend in human society. Most of them struggles to assume their real identity for fear of being rejected by others. A few of them found refuge in the office of Dr. Michelle Kessler who help them to overcome their problems and face their true nature. 

As a therapist by trade, Kessler is equal parts strong and empathetic, providing her patients a safe space to explore and understand themselves in a world where losing grip could put their relatives at risk. They will finally be able to confide in someone without fearing the consequences. The series is starring Torri Higginson as the main bisexual character.

Starting From Now (Season 5)

The fifth season of Starting From Now, a lesbian webseries written, directed and produced by Julie Kalceff, began Tuesday, July 5. Each episode of the show is weekly released on SFN youtube channel. This series gained popularity after its first three seasons and its successful broadcast on Australian television. As usual, a new part of the story will air online every Tuesday until August 9, where the sixth episode will conclude the webseries and answer the famous question that everyone arises from the beginning: will Emily and Steph end up together ?

The key characters from the cast of Starting From Now are portrayed by Bianca Bradey, Rosie Lourde, Sarah de Possesse and Lauren Orrel. Note: you can find all the seasons of the series subtitled on their official website mentioned above.

The ‘Other’ Love Story

Behind the romance of Aadhya and Aachal,  The ‘Other’ Love Story tacitly deploys a naturalistic work exploring a patriarchal Indian society whose sources are printed in Aadhya’s diary. As she uses this medium to confide in herself and find a balance point allowing her to overcome difficulties, Aadhya also depicts the cultural environment that surrounds her. Indeed, you will soon realize that the web series not only follows the journey of two women in love but also reveals the intimacy of two traditional families. The character of Aachal symbolizes the influence of traditions on the lives of young women encouraged to marry early at the expense of their studies and their dreams of freedom. It’s in this context that will born a romantic relationship between the two protagonists portrayed by Shweta Gupta and Spoorthi Gumaste. Note: The ‘Other’ Love Story is partially releasing on Justlikethat Films youtube channel.

Pot Luck

Pot Luck is a six-part original webseries written and directed by Ness Simons. The episodes explore the eventful friendship of three lesbians living in Wellington, New Zealand. Debs, Beth and Mel have become used to meet every week at their traditional pot luck dinners. This is the occasion for them to talk about projects, work, family and love.

With strong personalities and opposite characters, they will gradually transforms their friendly appointment into a standing date, where a lot of women outside their closed circle appearing along the way. Mel, Debs and Beth are portrayed by Nikki Si’ulepa, Anji Kreft and Tess Jamieson-Karaha. This series is fun and very sexy, in one word delightful. Thanks to One more lesbian for the discovery. Note: our playlist is featuring the entire first season of the show.

The Leslie

The Lesie is a queer comedy series written and performed by Kate Johnson. It tells the story of Leslie Clark, a girl who just came out and is now ready to do something crazy: Date Women! Helped by her cute, well-meaning, extravagantly optimistic but exceedingly misguided straight friends, Leslie attempts to navigate this new dating landscape…One misadventure at a time. A new episode of The Leslie web seriesis released on TLS channel every three or four days. The show is also featuring Ruby Goldin, Diana Spieller, Samantha Sutliff, Chris Hallett, and Daniel Luna. I found this amazing work while walking around on tumblr and it was a great suprise. I definitely recommend it. Note that you can turn on french subtitles via options.

Last Life (Season 2)

After a long year of waiting, we just learned that the second season of supernatural webseries Last Life created by Elesha Barnette will premiere October 7th on The Puma Squad. As the first season, all episodes should be shared online weekly (every Friday), except the last one which may have a special release date. We‘ll finally be able to see where Kathy DiStefano and Nancy Cooney’s relationship is going and follow their new adventures against the forces of evil. 

Note: The Puma Squad is a two-woman run production company whose purpose is to represent the diversity and strengths of women by featuring strong characters in genres such as science fiction, fantasy and action. Here’s the full trailer of Last Life season 2.

Carmilla (Season 3)

Here we go, the last season of Carmilla is finally shared online thanks to KindaTV. As usual, I’ll try to summarize the genesis of this unique vampire story for newcomers. Carmilla is a web series framed as a video diary broadcast by Laura Hollis (played by Elise Bauman), a journalist apprentice who wants to document her first year in college. After losing sight of her former roommate Betty, Laura is presented to Carmilla Karnstein (played by Natasha Negovanlis), which has a much more cold and distant character. Helped by her friends, Laura tries to find Betty and discovers that she’s not the only girl who disappeared from Silas in strange circumstances. The initial season followed Laura’s investigation and her relationship with Carmilla, which evolved from a tense cohabitation to a sapphic romance.

Lovers and Friends L.A

Lovers and Friends L.A is a spinoff to The Lovers and Friends Show Miami based series, which followed a group of gay men and women struggling with their relationships while trying to make a breakthrough in the entertainment industry of Los Angeles. This season features Nicole Pina as Tori and Micalea Ramey as Kayla, a lesbian couple who relocates in the city and become consumed with the steamy drama of Kayla’s old friends.

The latter is eager to return to the state of California, where she was raised. She wants to reunite with Cassandra and Allie, her friends from college, and start her new job in the UCLA art department but while she’s ready to share her friends with Tori, she’s not so willing to share her past. Note that this webseries releases only one episode per month (every 3 or 4 weeks). You may recognize Emma Maddock who should also play a leading role in LA Web Series if their fundraising campaign works.

Notas Aparte (Season 1)

On the occasion of Aysha and Mònica‘s interviews, the production team of Notas Aparte confirmed a release date in the course of this month. This spanish webseries will follow Sara, a young student who receives private lessons from Helena, in order to succeed her final exams and prepare for university. Sara is a little shy and naive, in one word closeted, so when she discovers her tutoress homosexuality, she gets seriously distracted. She also learn more things about herself than expected, and the up-front attitude of Helena does not really help her to focus on her studies. The story of Notas Aparte revolves around a female character about to grow up at the speed of light, with the help of a proud lesbian girl who will simply opens her eyes to life. All videos are subtitled in English, you can enable or disable them in the options.

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