Lesbian short films 2015


SHE is a very nice music video clip created by Liv Buzzell and which can be described as a short or an experimental film. The music video is painting the burning attraction of two girls. The seduction is slow, soft and very addictive to watch.

A Kiss From Your Lips

A Kiss From Your Lips is a short movie filmed in one-take in a late 1950’s ambiance when the twist and gallantry were fashionable. A girl arrive at a party and is courted by many young men before an other girl shows up dancing with someone. 

She will be seduced in a surprising way by the leading character. A perfect gift for a lovely Valentine’s Day. The two actress are Cecily Breaux and Kristen Mortensen. The scene was directed & produced by Allison Tate.


AWOL is a deep drama inclined to expose the social aspect of a love story between a young woman and a married mother in a modest and preserved small tawn of Pennsylvania. Without any professional perspective, Joey decides to join the Army. Determined to consume her passion before to be sent to Afghanistan, she will reaveal her plan to go AWOL with Rayna and her kids in order to change their life and breaking the obstacles to their love. 

The movie shows how the power of desire stay fragile and ephemeral when comes irrevocable decisions. The script reminded me the dream contained in Revolutionary Road (2008). You can find more informations about this film on AWOL facebook page. If we believe Afterellen, we should be able to see the lenght film at festivals and theatres in 2015. Meanwhile, you can watch again the main project on vimeo: Edit, the short film is currently unavailable without a password.

Anouk – Bold is Beautiful

The visit is a short promotional film from an indian youtube series called Anouk, Bold is Beautiful. The movie is an advert for the phone application Myntra, it shows Anouk getting ready in front of her friend or lover (we don’t really know) before she receives a call. A few moment later, she will be join by the same girl who needs reassurance and will offer her a very kind regard. I love their accent, it is very exotic and the two girls are gorgeous. A very decent and remarkable short which highlights the courage of two women who love each other.


Smoke is a lesbian drama written and directed by Tom Smith. It tells the story of Mollie as she suffers from domestic violence inflicted by her female partner named Ashley. Silent, shy and submissive, Mollie does not know how to get out of her disastrous condition, so she let herself go without fighting back.

The film itself grabs a very sensitive subject and perfectly exposes the impotence of the main character. The rawness of smoke‘s scenario made it very hard to watch without being upset, but this is a beautiful movie overall. Mollie and Ashley are portrayed by Kate Louise Turner and Emma Loveday.

Through the night

Sometimes, the night reveals unsuspected opportunities like casual meetings leading to a concrete experience of freedom. Through the night is a delicate lesbian movie unveiling the infinite possibilities of a love at first sight. Two women find themselves by chance on the roof of a building and starting a cosmic discussion. After having an emotional connection, they will leave each other in a dream without knowing if they could again.

Between Us

This film is a short and intimate piece composed by the talented Ping-Wen Wang in 2014 and rewarded by Special Prize of Excellence from Screwdriver International Short film Contest in Taiwan. Between Us is about an arts teacher named Ariel who is captive of her sexual desires for Tara, a married woman. 

She must choose between sating her beautiful fantasm or living an open life free of broken promises. The film is set in a calm and erotic atmosphere which enhance the suspense around the main character’s decisions. Ariel and Tara are portrayed by Shakti Shannon and Sierra Fisk. A delicious and photogenic couple.

Disaster Preparedness

The story is about a hurricane heading for Becca and Rose’s apartment in Manhattan. As they are supposed to prepare themselves for an imminent storm, Becca spent her all day reading advices about disaster preparedness, fretting over flashlights and buying emergency provisions in case events go wrong. On her side, Rose anticipates the blizzard potential damages by stocking up on wine and getting a tattoo. Despite their opposite characters, Becca accepts and expects Rose’s free spirited ways, but when she realise that her girlfriend has been accepted to grad school in California, she perceives a different kind of disaster growing on the horizon. This short film was created by Melissa Finell with the participation of Amy Vorpahl and Breeda Wool.

When You’re In Love With Your Best Friend

The film depicts the symbiotic relationship of two best friends, which actually hides an unrequited love. A woman struggles to confess her deep feelings to her soul mate of three years because of several reasons: first, the woman she desires is in couple with a man named Tim, secondly, the main character does not really know what she wants. She feels divided between a powerful need to tell the truth and a strong fear of losing a close friend over a misunderstanding.

So she begins to imagine a second life where all her dreams come true, in order to avoid the reality of her solitude. She refuse to become the one who constantly wants what she can’t have. But as we all know, passion is always stronger than reason.

Girl Night Stand

Katie is an hesitant and lovely young woman experimenting her first sapphic adventure with a confident blonde. After a pleasant evening, the two girls find themselves at the entrance of a bar, chatting about the best way to end a night which is well underway. Genuinely insecure, Katie doesn’t really know how to handle this moment and eventually surrender to the desire of her partner. Shy but excited, she barely have the time to put her cocktail on the ground before appearing in an apartment, kissed by her beautiful host. This will be the starting point of a Girl Night Stand. From a random encounter seemingly slight, intense and ephemeral will born something more consistent. Jenna Laurenzo wrote an interesting story showing the confluent aspect of love in a tenacious lesbian short film. The choice of Meryl Jones Williams is attributable to its success. Girl Night Stand is a prelude to the feature film called Lez Bomb. You can find out more about this project selected for Big Vision Empty Wallet’s Kickstart Diversity Program on their official website. Big Vision Creative should endorse its production.


Actresses is an original drama written and directed by Jeremy Hersh and produced by Natasha Giliberti. The film is about a young woman galvanized, impressed and inspired by a female comedian performance. After attending a play, Taylor Hess decides to wait the fascinating figure she just watched outside of a theater. When she finally find the opportunity to meet Rebecca Henderson, she just sincerely confess a powerfull admiration and continually compliment they way she assumed her role. 

Amused and touched by this cute little thing, Rebecca will propose her a drink… Actresses offers us an amazing lesbian short story with two persuasive characters. All the scenes are minimalists, attractive and very realistic. This movie was officially selected at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

Highlights on Recording

Recording is a minimalist auteur film presented in the form of a private autobiographical video. Sam is a college student accustomed to vlog about her daily life. She is trying to illustrate her feelings as she becomes closer to her college friend. With the help of time, she will be able to properly express her love for Cassidy and confesses her regrets about their eventful relationship. Recording is a beautiful Ode to sapphism, the movie is a poignant drama with an heartbreaking end. 

We Will

We will is an aussie film written by Nirrimi Firebrace and directed by Laura Nagy. It simply tells the wedding story of Rachel and Claire since they met. We are getting involved in their daily life until they eventually decide to engage their relationship a little further. This was brief, simple and effective. Claire and Rachel are portrayed by Bianca Bradey and Madeleine Withington. We Will is a political clip created to promote equal rights in Australia. Let’s hope they will succeed to accomplish that resolution. I wish you all the best and a happy new year.

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