Lesbian films 2013

Reaching for the Moon

Reaching for the Moon (also known as Flores Raras or Rare Flowers) is a 2013 Brazilian biographical drama film directed by Bruno Barreto.Days in september, Dona Flor and her two husbands returns with a sophisticated tale of an unlikely romance between two extraordinary artists, set against the backdrop of political upheaval and a clash of cultures. Grappling with writer’s block, legendary American poet Elizabeth Bishop (Miranda Otto) travels from New York City to Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s to visit her college friend, Mary (Tracy Middendorf). 

Hoping to find inspiration on Mary’s sprawling estate, Elizabeth winds up with much more – a tempestuous relationship with Mary’s bohemian partner, architect Lota de Macedo Soares (Glória Pires), that rocks the staid writer to her foundation. Alcoholism, geographical distance and a military coup come between the lovers, but their intimate connection spans decades and forever impacts the life and work of these two extraordinary artists. The attraction of two polar-opposite women has rarely been so volatile and so erotically charged on the big screen.

Seeking Dolly Parton

Seeking Dolly Parton is a drama created by Michael Worth. Here is a synopsis of the movie: when Charlie and her girlfriend Cerina decide to have a baby together, the idea of using Cerina’s ex-boyfriend Josh as the live-in donor turns an easy on-paper idea into a much more challenging event. Charlie and Cerina are respectively portrayed by Kacey Clarke and Anya Monzikova.

Tru Love

Tru Love is a romantic drama written and directed by the famous lesbian filmmaker Kate Johnston and the talented actress Shauna MacDonald. Tru, 37, is a serial bed-hopping lesbian who cannot commit to a relationship or a job for long… that is, until she meets Alice, 60, a beautiful widow, who has come to town at the last minute to visit her daughter, SUZANNE, 35, a too-busy corporate lawyer and Tru’s friend.

 Alice and Tru begin to forge an unlikely friendship…and more. Suzanne, who has a deeply conflicted relationship with her mother and a complicated past with Tru, becomes increasingly alarmed at the growing bond between Tru and her mother. Tensions escalate after Suzanne witnesses an intimate moment between them. She tries to sabotage the budding romance, but it backfires, as Tru Love is hard to contain. Tru and Alice are portrayed by Shauna MacDonald and Kate Trotter. A new trailer has been added.


Submerge is a lesbian drama focused on  the life of Jordan (Lily Hall). She is a young student in history. In parallel to her studies, she enjoys swimming at a high level. While Jordan tries to combine all her passions to satisfy her parents, she agrees to work on a special project for her history teacher and meets Angie, his wife… Her love story is presented as a fetish exploration. Submerge explores the need of Gen Y for constant stimulation and instant gratification underpinned by a sense of entitlement. It pushes young adults to believe they can have it all, despite a plethora of competing demands from social media, family, and peers.The magnificent Lily Hall is obsessive to watch in this film. The director unleashed all her fetishs and fantaisies in this film. Submerge was written by Kat Holmes and Sophie O’Connor.


Abby lives with her lesbian domestic partner and their young son. However, Abby and her girl’s long stable relationship has become passionless, and Abby is slowly becoming sexually frustrated. Abby’s son hits her on the head by accident one day with his baseball and she suffers a mild concussion. This gets her thinking and she decides that she shouldn’t repress her urges anymore. 

She hooks up with a young cute gentle and experienced lesbian prostitute, who sleeps with lonely women, and has a fantastic sexual and emotional experience. She becomes fascinated with the idea of helping other lonely women feel such joy and fulfillment, so she decides to get into the business herself under the pseudonym Eleanor. Her clients are both introverted women, who wish to explore their urges, and sexually aggressive women who know exactly what they and even Abby want. She learns more about herself and others after each sexual encounter. But how long can she live a double life before she’s caught.

Blue Is the Warmest Color

Blue Is the Warmest Color is a modern walk in French realism. The film was written and directed by Abdellatif Kechiche. Adèle is a high school student who is beginning to explore herself as a woman. She dates men but finds no satisfaction with them sexually, and is rejected by a female friend who she does desire. She dreams of something more. She meets Emma who is a free spirited girl whom Adèle’s friends reject due to her sexuality, and by association most begin to reject Adèle. Her relationship with Emma grows into more than just friends as she is the only person with whom she can express herself openly. Together, Adèle and Emma explore social acceptance, sexuality, and the emotional spectrum of their maturing relationship.

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