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    Love is not about the body! Love is about the soul! Or maybe not?

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    Love is to find your soulmate!!!

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    Well unfortunately ,love does not exist anymore in our modern dumb society ,it’s all about sex ,pples are attracted about the appearances and pretend they’re in love specially in the homosexual community.No wonder no ones takes us seriously.
    That’s my 2 cents ,take care girls ;o)

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      There is truth in your words ;(((

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    It’s the situation that you are still in love with the other person , the ultimate love , no matter how many years you are together you still feel the same excitement when you are looking into her eyes and she is still your girl

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      This is the perfect love :)))))))If you have it, then you are very lucky;))))))))

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    I want true love, but where can I get it ?? ahhh

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      Si bien es cierto que y No hay la misma expresión de amor, si existe pero considero que debe ir acompañado uno del otro la atracción el sentimiento con lo carnal por separado creo n funciona y cuando tenga que llegar llegará sin buscarle

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