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New and old lesbian short films



Mai is Marta Gonzalez’s debut short. The film is a juxtaposition of the old and new, the ‘what has been’ versus ‘what is now’. It’s a colourful, intimate story comparing generations of love and relationships between women.

The way Mai is edited showcases exactly what cinema was made to do, and Marta’s intelligence as a director is apparent through the subtle hints she drops and through what she lets the audience work out for themselves. English subtitles in option.

Spilt Milk

Split Milk is a short film directed by Cierra Glaudé and written by Mechi Parada-Lakatos as part of the 2019 Lena Waithe-Led AT&T Hello Lab Mentorship Program, that creates online and IRL stories fueled by inclusivity and innovation. Single mom Ximena moves back in with her parents while struggling to care for her young son. She reconnects with her ex-partner, Lena, who is now raising the child they conceived of together with the sperm donor they chose, and the old wound is reopened. Ximema and Lena are portrayed by Dascha Polanco and Zuri Adele.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk is an erotic drama about sensuality and connection, often depicting a gap between emotional and physical intimacy, set apart by its forthright conversations and depictions of sex. The film was directed by Erica Rose. Mia is a “fancy producer lady” who jumps openly between partners. A recent relationship with Elle seems to be offering something new, worth exploring deeper (at least from the perspective of a couple other friends) but on the surface, Mia remains non-committal.

One night at a party, she meets Kate, who she’s transfixed by and sparks up a conversation with. Soon we meet Kate’s partner, and though it begins awkwardly between the three, eventually they all leave together and share an evening of testing boundaries. Rose’s film is a provocative and complicated exploration of lesbian relationships, mature, self-assured, and characterized by sharp repartee and beautifully composed scenes of sexuality.

Basalt Crush

French director Louise Ernandez brings a wintry tale of two lives entwined for the visuals to Basalt Crush, the latest release from Melbourne-based experimental electronica musician Kane IkinBasalt Crush is an experimental film about two completely different women, representing one mutual soul. A parallel between two worlds that internally are one and the same. One of the women represents freedom and the wild, the other appears in shattered and frozen reflection where time passes in a dream-like manner. A first step into the Unknown.


Instinct is a psychosexual thriller, a captivating short film directed by Maria Alice Arida. It tells the story of Isabelle, a lonely gallery owner with secrets, who meets her match when a young, seductively dangerous artist, named Camila, comes to perform in her gallery. When the performance piece turns into a near death experience, Camila notices something within Isabelle and goes to her apartment later that night to find out what she’s hiding. Could this be Isabelle’s last chance at love? Or is what lurks beneath the surface too much for Camila? Here is a statement made by the director: “There’s a dark side of women that’s not usually portrayed in films.

Female characters are typically delicate, sweet, and loving. But what happens when the dark side of our souls takes over? What lights that fire? These are questions I’ve often asked myself and the main themes I want to examine as a filmmaker. In Instinct, my hope is to explore such taboo themes about femininity and female sexuality, and ultimately shed light into what it’s like when we surrender to the darkness”. Isabelle and Camila are portrayed by Christine Kellogg-Darrin and Jordan Monaghan. The film is officially shared by Alter.

Arcana Six

Arcana Six is a coming-of-age lesbian-themed romance that focuses on the changing nature of the relationship between two childhood best friends, Maggie and Elena, as they reflect on their history and recall their earliest memories of each other through fresh eyes after a seismic shift in the dynamic of their friendship. 

After a pivotal romantic encounter at the end of their senior year, the two girls begin to understand the meaning of their relationship and the impending future of it that hangs in the balance. The film was written and directed by Mackenzie Patrick Flynn. Elena and Maggie are portrayed by Eleanore Miechkowski and Jamila Gray.


Unaligned is a short film written and directed by Marko Grujic. The work is shared for free on his YouTube channel. Here is the official synopsis: A romance ignites when Christy, 20 year old college student is reunited with her childhood care taker. 

The film explores the impact of this rapprochement on the protagonists’ lives, and the weight of memory on their relationship. The “pas de deux” of Christy and Kate is used as an allegory of the role that hazard can play on destiny. Christy and Kate are portrayed by the actresses Hollie Shay and Tammie Bergholdt.

To my future girlfriend

Marina Lin is a Canadian social media star who is famous for her self-titled YouTube channel. She has earned massive popularity there for her original vocal and acoustic guitar covers of popular singles. She began regularly publishing her work to the platform in January 2015. 

Marina was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and moved to Toronto, Canada when she was 13. To my future girlfriend is a cute lesbian-themed short film she made in collaboration with Jacky P.A. Tran and her friend Keara Graves. You can follow Marina Lin on YouTube if you liked this movie.

Lesbian short films 2018

Now and Then

For a young couple in love, a trip to Vegas that starts as just a getaway turns into a life-defining experience. This short film is a promotional work made by LVCVA for the city of Las Vegas. It begins with a woman watching the Bellagio fountains as her girlfriend comes up behind her and wraps her arms around her. As they watch the fountains spring up, one suggests they get married.

As they discuss the pros and cons of getting hitched where they first met, walking along the light-filled Strip, the film jumps between that first night (“then”) and the present (“now”). It seems the only thing holding one of them back is that her parents don’t seem to be super into the idea of their daughter being with another woman.

The Two of Us

he Two of Us is a sequel of Fast Hearts, another film written and directed by Franck Tabouring. Amanda (Zoey Moses) and Sophia (Marlies Bell) have been consummating their love in an isolated cabin in the desert for quite some time, but Sophia’s desire to announce their relationship to the world and Amanda’s fear of coming out has left them at a crossroads.

The movie was produced by Caitlin Crommett, the cinematography and Editing were made by Franck Tabouring. This video was shared on the youtube channel of Onemorelesbian.


Amanecer is a spanish short film directed by Gabriel Lucero and produced by Fernando Coello. This is a school project made at the CDMX. The study is centered around the exploration of Grammar and Syntax in filmmaking. Gabriel Lucero’s work immerses us in the intimate life of a lesbian couple portrayed by Marla Almaraz and Brenda Sánchez.


Bonfire is a lesbian-themed short film directed by Kris & Lindy Boustedt, who also gave us Brides to Be. While chaperoning a college theater party, two teachers struggle to find the courage to embrace their feelings for one another.

A lyrical LGBTQ short film exploring the complexity of new love, based on a poem by Andrea Capere. The film is starring Karie Gonia and Debra Pralle as the two main characters. The story was narrated by Lindy Boustedt.

1 in 10,000

1 in 10,000 is a three part mini-series that tackles the concept of purpose, love, and soulmates. The work was shared by PD on Form of Therapy. With the mix of traditional televised programming and the new digital age of doing things, Form of Therapy has expansion plans to include reality, variety and scripted drama programming with aims to be a content delivery channel in a league of its own. The main characters of these three lesbian short films are portrayed by Hannah Lim and SeungAh Paik. The three acts are shared in the playlist below.


Control is a lesbian short film created by Natasza Parzymies. Exgirlfriends reunite by accident at the security check of an airport, where one is obliged to control the other. A sequel is in gestation. You can help the team by supporting them here if this project interest you.


AutoMate is an LBG love story sci-fi short film set 10-20 years in the future. It’s black mirror (San Junipero/Hang the DJ) meets Before Sunrise. In the near future, two young women, Sam (Katie Stuart from The 100 / Inconceivable web series) & Riley (Alex Duncan from I Love You So Much It’s Killing Them), meet on a dating app that promises to find your perfect match.

Confronted by their differences, they challenge each other on what gives their life purpose and their respective futures. Automate is a film about online dating, connection, and what relationships mean in the 21st century.

Lesbian short films 2017

This Is You And Me

This Is You and Me is a crowdfunded short film directed by April Maxey. It’s story follows a detached Marie (Alexandra Miller) one night in Auburn, New York. At a bar, Susie (Ellen Toland), a charismatic, slightly devious young woman, instantly intrigues her. Sensing each other’s urge for a night of spontaneity, the two immediately hit it off. However, the night takes a volatile turn when their intense connection triggers an unexpected reaction within Susie. 

Although it is ultimately a love story, it is not overly romanticized or idealized. The creators didn’t want to show a nascent relationship but rather a random encounter, a complex and toxic chemistry between two lost souls. The film explores this moment that, at this point in time in the characters lives, they both needed.


Zaya is a french short film about queer dancers, created by Susanne Serres. This is a work promoting love and acceptance. The main protagonist, named Zaya, is a contemporary dancer that just realized her attraction for Nadege, her dance partner. 

To be able to face who she is entirely, Zaya feels the need to overcome her internal fear and come out to her mother. It is remarkable how such a short film can so effectively speak to these universal themes. Serres’ story is definitely worth just a handful of minutes of your day.


Kabul is the melancholic sequel of Gallina. This is the second part of a cinematographic diptych designed as a mirror reflecting the influence of a couple’s family life on their relationship. The film was written and directed by Lauren Fritz. After discovering the entourage of Chiara, we are now entering the cocoon of Marla, a young woman who has spent her life in the long, dark shadow of her mother Gloria, a famous war photojournalist. When her daughter finally begins to make a decisive move away and apart from the latter, Gloria reveals plans that threaten to drag Marla back into her dark world, a place she may never be able to escape. 

Like in the previous film, the evocation of an absent character weigh on all the other protagonists and lead them near a breaking point. Gloria and her partner are portrayed by Lisa Ramirez and Liam Torres. Marla and Chiara are portrayed by Carmen Zilles and Daniela Mastropietro. Try to pay close attention to details, photographs and selected background music.

Long distance relationships

The first and second parts of Long Distance Relationships, two lesbian short films directed by Sarah Rotella and Adrianna DiLonardo, starring Gwen Cumyn and Justine Nelson. The story is about the struggles of a long distance relationship; each episode follows the point of view of one of the couple’s characters. The films are shared by the YouTube Channel of UnsolicitedProject.